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Hydrating Cheats

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  Hydrate according to skin type

  The steps of facial treatment are basically divided into three procedures:




  (Each skin type will have different emphasis in the autumn rehydration program. If you choose the right focus, the effect will be more effective.)

  Normal skin

  Features: Normal skin is an ideal type of skin with stable skin condition and a balanced oil and water ratio. The pores are fine, the texture is fine, the skin is smooth, moist and elastic, and the surface is not rough and non-sticky.

  Moisturizing focus: cleansing

  Because the skin is in good condition, it is easy to neglect skin maintenance. In fact, hydration of this kind of skin is equally important, otherwise the best skin will age. Toner can choose emollient type, which can moisturize and moisturize. The mask is suitable for all kinds of fruit and vegetable masks.

  Dry skin

  Features: Small pores, almost invisible, fine texture, dry and dull skin, lack of tenderness. After cleansing, the skin has a tight feeling, is easy to age, and is prone to dark spots and fine wrinkles, but it is not easy to grow acne.

  Moisturizing focus: cream

  Dry skin is most dehydrated, and skin is prone to form fine wrinkles in dry autumn. The use of oil-based moisturizing products will have a good moisture retention effect (moisturizing cream, moisturizing emulsion). In addition to paying attention to moisturizing, apply more.

  Emollients and serums with high moisturizing content. Apply the mask with high moisturizing mask every 2 to 3 days.


  Features: The cuticle of the skin layer is relatively thin, and the dermal blood vessel network is shallow. Therefore, skin symptoms such as redness, swelling, high skin temperature, and dehydration are easy to occur when the skin is stimulated.

  Rehydration focus: night rehydration

  Due to the greater impact of the external environment during the day, sensitive skin can choose to focus on night maintenance, using skin care products suitable for sensitive skin, such as vegetable mask is more suitable for sensitive skin.