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MIEVIC | MIEVIC huamei upgrade strength bloom, shenzhen exhibition to continue to write a miracle to complete!

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The exhibition concluded successfully

Appointment growth spurt


Shenzhen international gift show

It ended on April 28

During the fair

Mivek is all-directional and multi-angle

Introduced to the visiting franchisee in detail

Brand information, franchise policy, project prospect

Customers on mivico's business model

Industry status, business model, return on investment, etc

With a deeper understanding

To join mivek customers

An endless stream

Join quantity blowout type growth

Exhibition ends, wonderful continuation

Contract customers of this exhibition

Most of them are experienced and mature franchisees with stores

But mivico has strict procedures and standards

The location of the store must be the core business district

Area and property condition should accord with a requirement

For this, mi wei ke joins in managers

After the exhibition will soon enter the comprehensive review store link

It is reported, careful inn is scheduled already platoon full 3 months

(visible mi wei can join the hot degree ~~)

Let franchisees make money

Make the store profitable

Mivico has been trying

Overvalue ratio

Super passenger flow

Superhigh sales

It's mivico's store label

We want to work with more franchisees

Grow together and create wealth together

Thanks for your help

During the exhibition, major players and industry leaders

All come to mivico booth

Industry exchanges, resource sharing and win-win cooperation

The scene is full of wisdom and creativity

The exhibition at the same time

Miwei can be invited to well-known commercial brands

Share the way you do business

On April 27, miveko was invited

Shenzhen huaqiangbei project investment group

Introduce brand experience to nearly a thousand merchants

Tell the brand story of fashion group

Industry influence and brand strength


Mivico brand

East and west upgrades, the strength blooms

Shenzhen exhibition

Continue to write miracle, freeze complete

We sincerely invite your wisdom to join us

Global franchise hotline: 400-9199-345