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MIEVIC ︱ Canton fair m eu can be well packaged, wonderful continue!

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The 125th China import and export fair

(hereinafter referred to as Canton fair)

The second phase of the exhibition has come to a successful conclusion.

Exhibition ends, wonderful continuation

MIEVIC Canton fair

Wonderful, invitation!

During the exhibition, MIEVIC was supported by the

Fresh booth image

Fashionable Nordic style

Strong brand advantage

Good business model

Attract numerous domestic and overseas investors

Negotiate and consult, invite cooperation

Exhibition invitation, field trip

With the second phase of the Canton fair exhibition curtain

From the United States, Malaysia, Denmark

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh

El Salvador, Egypt, Russia, etc

Intended partners of dozens of countries

Have been invited to the miweike guangzhou up and down nine shops

Field trips

International brand demonstration store strength

Gather global investment merchants

Seek international wealth and business opportunities

The intention partner that visits to inn expresses in succession

To the store experience, really feel

MIEVIC MIEVIC brand strength

Mivico guangzhou shangxiajiu store

Popularity is hot, passenger flow is ceaseless

Products fashion, cost-effective

Contracted atmosphere, beautiful and attractive

From the Nordic design concept

In line with current trends

Young people have more visitors

Believe, this is MIEVIC

The achievement net red tide shop not two laws

In addition, MIEVIC mivico

International business department and overseas investment adviser

Personally accompany customers on site inspection

Experience products and services on the spot

Explain the brand advantages one by one

Detail the franchise policy

Patiently answer questions

With domestic and overseas intention partner

Build strong relationships

Global reach for brands

Lay a good foundation for the market

Finally, thanks to the old and new partners at home and abroad

Strong support for MIEVIC

Thanks to the Canton fair and jilin provincial department of commerce

MIEVIC's attention and help

Thank all the staff for their hard work

MIEVIC will live up to expectations and forge ahead

Red all over the world, fire all over China!

MIEVIC global invite partners

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