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On the 2nd day of MIEVIC|Shenzhen Exhibition, Mi Wei can analyze the "mystery" behind the joining!

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Welcome to MIEVIC

Shenzhen International Gift Show - NO. 2 days

Mi Wei can be strong

The exhibition hall continues to be hot

International fast fashion department store market

The whole line is red, showing the "Niu" city

How to choose an investment project?

What projects are more promising?

What is the profit model of the project?

Where is the differentiated value of the brand?


A series of questions are this exhibition

Visiting franchisees concerned

To this end, Xiaobian today comprehensively analyzes for you.

The "mystery" behind joining

★ MIEVIC International CEO said [trend] ★

MIEVIC International Business from Hong Kong

CEO - Mr. Situ Shufa

In-depth analysis of industry prospects

And interviewed

Miwei can be the leading brand in China's fast fashion department store industry

Will continue to innovate and break through

Promote the improvement of industry standards

Finally use the strength to make Chinese brands

Really standing in the front line of world-class brands

⊙ MIEVIC Vice President of Investment Promotion [brand]⊙

Mi Wei can join the vice president Zhang Fan

Fully explained to the franchisee at the exhibition

The importance of the brand

And comprehensively interpreted the MIEVIC brand

“Achievement Users” is the core value of the Mickey brand

"Altruism" is the business philosophy of Mi Wei Ke

Choosing a common world view with Mi Wei

And a realistic and pragmatic joining partner

Is the successful starting line of MIEVIC

Miwei can be derived from the Nordic design concept

Calibration of the world's first brand

We will build a first-class franchisee team

Let more people realize the dream of creating wealth

⊙ MIEVIC joining consultant said [select] ⊙

Choice is always greater than effort

Making money is skillful

Five major considerations for your successful joining

1. Select the project to choose Blue Ocean

2. Do the project to get ahead of the machine

3. Cooperation should choose the right partner

4. Traders must do what they can

5. Investment must look at the prospects

Popularity at the exhibition