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MIEVIC - Canton Fair, Dalai Huacai, Russian Intention Partners and Provincial Department of Commerce Delegation, come to visit

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Canton Fair is nearing the end

But MIEVIC Miwei booth

Popularity continues, the popularity continues

Consultation and negotiation, invitations continue

Provincial Department of Commerce delegation visited

Morning of April 26

Head of Delegation of Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce

Director Li, Director Song and his party

Visited the MIEVIC Canton Fair booth

Novel and unique star products
Instantly attracted the attention of Director Li
Director Li said

MIEVIC's strong product advantages

Is the brand strength

Constantly strong protection

I believe the MIEVIC Canton Fair will be the first show

Will be able to invite and continue to make a big splash!

In addition, Director Li also introduced

Government assistance policy

Encourage MIEVIC to actively expand overseas markets

Expand export transactions

Adding to the economic development of Jilin Province

Russian intention partner · On-site negotiation consultation

Afternoon of April 26

Intentional partner from Russia

Came to the MIEVIC booth of the Canton Fair

Four Russian Intentional Partners
Mr. Sun, head of overseas investment with MIEVIC
Conducted a one-hour negotiation meeting
The two sides discussed the future cooperation model

Mr. Sun is a partner of Russia’s Italian partner

Details of MIEVIC

And developed the Russian market development plan

For the next cooperation

Made a strong preparation

Global invites partners

MIEVIC during the Canton Trade Fair

Welcomed the intent partners from all over the world

Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, India, Morocco, Dominica, Pakistan, Australia, Panama, Poland, Dubai, South Korea, Bolivia, Guatemala, United States, Trinidad, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, Germany, Lebanon, Mexico, Yemen, Bangalore

Dozens of countries in Italy, Bulgaria, Singapore, Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam, and hundreds of domestic and foreign investors.

Overseas market expansion
Build powerful power
Only one day from the end of the Canton Fair!

Invite more merchants at home and abroad

Come to negotiate

International brand, global chain
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