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Ten yuan shop in the end to make more money, even hot street alley?

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If you say which industry is eating all kinds of consumers, no matter what age, no matter what kind of income, all are the target audience, then it must be a fast-moving department store that is everywhere in the streets. Like: Miwei can MIEIVC, Mingchuang excellent products Miniso, Nomi NOME, etc., are very mature, fast-growing, fast-growing department stores brand.

What? You said that you have not heard of these brands? In fact, you may not be unfamiliar. After all, we often give it the official language of "Japanese ten yuan shop" and "five yuan shop." That's right, no matter the big and small items in the store, all 5 yuan or 10 yuan, no exceptions. Standing at the door will automatically fill the boy’s voice solo. "The whole audience starts from five yuan, and all of them are sold."

The red-hot ten-yuan shop. Why is it so hot in just a few years?

From the consumer's point of view, what is bought in the ten yuan store is usually more affordable, and the quality is not too bad. Not only the category is complete, but the price/performance ratio is also quite high, which can basically meet the needs of life.

From the perspective of the business, it is natural that the passenger flow is large and the profit is high. Generally, the goods that are priced at 5,000 yuan in the ten-yuan store can be sold for 10,000 yuan or more. How can such a high profit not make the entrepreneurs feel excited?

It can grow to such a scale at this speed, indicating that it really has something to offer.

1. Price advantage, low price lure, quality customer retention, lower quality, higher quality

2. Fashion department store, self-purchasing, relaxed shopping atmosphere, for men, women and children

3. Supply chain through train, from factory to shop, no middleman makes a difference

4. The frequency of consumption is high, the customer door is low, the passenger flow is constant, and the popularity is overwhelming.

5. Light luxury products, complete categories, SKU comparable to Shangchao, basically covering 99% of daily necessities

Of course, product quality is the core of the company's vitality, and in the context of consumption upgrades, most consumers become more rational. Therefore, such fashion department stores are loved by more and more consumers. At the same time, the homogenization competition is becoming more and more fierce. If there is an investment plan, it is necessary to fully conduct market research. Brands such as MIEIVC Miweike, Nomi NOME, and Mingchuang MINISO are all positive and worthy of cooperation. s brand.