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Quick fashion department store brand investment to join the Raiders

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With the advancement of technology and the changes in the Internet age, the mobile Internet is changing people's lives. No matter what you want to buy, you can ship your home when you buy a mobile phone with your mobile phone. At the same time, people lose it. Shopping fun. Although most of the things on the Internet are cheaper than physical stores, the quality is invisible and often not as good as the physical store products. Therefore, there are also some fast-moving department stores on the market. People can buy the goods they need in one stop, and then they don’t have to go to different streets or shop to buy their favorite products.

Fast fashion department store brand, why is it different?

The so-called fast fashion is that the product is new and fast, which should be the most intuitive feeling for consumers about fast fashion brands. Following the popularity of UNIQLO, ZARA, H&M, and hot wind, these fast fashion department brands have also emerged. The MINISO famous product may be the fastest fashion department store brand that was first known to consumers, and then the MIEIVC Mickey International fast fashion department store brand of the fire made consumers really fall in love with the fast fashion department store. Simple, stylish, compact and creative is the first impression of fast fashion department store products.

Starting from 5 yuan, opening new retail fashion
Mi Wei can start the price of 5 yuan, and the central price of 10-25 yuan, so that the cost performance of the product has become the key to the successful replication of the brand. Compared with Mingchuang's superior products, the price has achieved a greater advantage. In addition to the core price factor. Another factor that can make MIEIVC Mickey and Mingchuang miniso a new retail department store that keeps selling well is that it covers the top ten categories that people need for life, namely, washing cosmetics, digital devices, knitted accessories, and style. Toys, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, home decoration, luggage accessories, shoes and hats, socks, health care treatments, ten categories.

The number of SKUs is several thousand, and 200-300 new products are listed every month. The products keep pace with the times, and the global explosions and popular red products are always in the popular C position, which makes Miwei can open a store fire. Faced with the consistently high sales performance, and fast fashion department store is constantly recognized and popular industry development prospects. In recent years, more and more brands have entered the industry, including Han Shangyou, Ximei Eslite, and Han Su Life.
In the next two years, the fast fashion department store brand will enter a period of rapid development

Fast fashion department store is the product of globalization, informationization and young socialization. It combines fashion with popular price, which makes various fashion department stores play an important role in our lives. People's colorful life. This one-stop shopping experience of the fast fashion department store makes people feel relaxed and convenient. Moreover, it accurately targets the consumer groups according to the current people's pursuit of quality life and consumption concepts, and infiltrates the concepts of “fashion” and “quality” into daily necessities of different life characteristics, so that every consumer is Both visually and experientially, they have amazing adaptability and comfort. It also made the fast fashion department store enter a fast-developing era.
Investing in joining to see the profit, the profit is the key to the passenger flow
Blind obedience is a major attribute of the Chinese market. For example, MIEIVC Mi Wei Ke, Ming Chuang You Pin, such fast fashion retail stores, is to expand the consumer property of blind consumption to the extreme, to bring people, to bring more, not so much It is a physical store, it is better to say that it is the Wangpu economy. MIEIVC Miwei can achieve rapid expansion of the country in four years, which is inseparable from consumers' blind behavior.
In addition, the secret of the success of MIEIVC Mickey, Mingchuang and other fast fashion department stores lies in the four cores: relaxed shopping atmosphere, young and enthusiastic staff, professional demand recommendation, super cost-effective products, all of the above characteristics. It is the reason why consumers want to go shopping, have a good time to go shopping, and also quickly accumulate brand fans.

Investment is risky, service is critical
There is no possibility of zero risk for any investment, and for investment franchisees, perfect franchise terms and a sound service advantage are even more critical. After several comparisons, the advantages of brands such as Mingchuang Premium, Nomi and Miweike are worth considering. Especially this year's new Miweike Department Store can be said to be a low-risk, high-income textbook-style policy. Miwei's joining advantages:
1. International brand
The company's physical stores are spread all over the world and have a high reputation and influence both at home and abroad. “MIEIVC” (Chinese translation “Miweike”) is a truly international fashion department store brand.
2. Superior product advantages
The founding team of the company has been in the industry for more than 30 years. It has strong control ability for the market. The products are deeply loved by the consumer groups; the product development, warehousing and transportation chain are complete, and the store operation is effectively guaranteed.
3. Excellent product development, design and update capabilities
The company has a development and design team with excellent design capabilities, and 200-300 new products are put on the shelves every month, always one step ahead.

4. Professional Storage and Transportation Center

With nearly 40,000 square meters of warehouse logistics center, the cargo transportation capacity extends in all directions, the store distribution is fast, safe and worry-free.

5. Full operation guidance

The company has a number of operational teams with rich practical experience and professional skills, providing comprehensive guidance for the opening and opening of the store; keeping up with the sales of the store from time to time, accurately tracking the pulse, and regularly returning to crack the sales problem.

6. 24/7 monitoring and inspection

The company's headquarters has a cloud monitoring platform. The global stores have a panoramic view. The professional team monitors and monitors around the clock and guides the store sales in a timely manner (voluntarily according to the customer's intention).

7. Hundreds of self-operated stores are strong

The company has hundreds of direct-operated stores, all of which are invested and operated by the company. It provides strong support for resource development, market stabilization and brand promotion. It is also the practical base for the company's store operation management experience, effectively ensuring that the company always has the most practical and most Feasible management experience provides effective guidance for the management of trusted stores and affiliated stores.

8. Super strong management ability

The company has a strong operational advantage. According to the needs of investors or franchisees, it can take the “grant and operation” method to fully invest or join the store management. This requires sufficient industry experience, a strong executive team and sufficient resources to support it. It is an irreplaceable core competitiveness of MIEIVC.

In addition, MIEIVC offers a number of support: brand support, chain support, site selection support, decoration support, product support, display support, price support, logistics support, sales support, monitoring support, operational support, training support, protection Support, risk control support.

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