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1.  International brand

      The physical stores are spread all over the world and have a high reputation and influence both at home and abroad. “MIEVIC” (Chinese translation “Miweike”) is a truly

international fast fashion department store brand.

2.   Superior product advantage

        The founding team has been in the industry for more than 30 years, and has a strong control ability for the market. The products are deeply loved by the consumer groups; the product development, warehousing and transportation chain are complete, and the store operation is effectively guaranteed.




3.   Excellent product development, design and update


       With a design and development team with excellent design capabilities, 200-300 new products are put on the shelves every month, always one step






4.   Professional storage and transportation center

        With nearly 50,000 square meters of warehouse logistics center, the cargo transportation capacity extends in all directions, the store distribution is fast, safe and






5.   Original price exchange

       Product replacement, the original price of new products, always take the lead in the market.





6.   End cooperation recovered goods


         After the expiration of the franchise and the end of the cooperation, the original price of the remaining goods of the store will be recovered, and the worries of joining the company will be avoided.






7.   Full operation guidance

        The company has a number of operational teams with rich experience

and professional skills, providing comprehensive guidance on the opening

and opening of the store; keeping up with the sales of the store from time to

time, accurately tracking the pulse, and regularly returning to crack the

sales problem.





8.   weather monitoring View

       The headquarters has a cloud monitoring platform, and the global stores have a panoramic view. The professional team monitors the inspections around the clock and guides the store sales in a timely manner (voluntarily according to the customer's intention).






10.  Super strong management ability

         According to the needs of investors or franchisees, you can take full responsibility to invest or join store management by means of “granting operations”. This requires sufficient industry experience, a strong executive team and sufficient resources to support it. It is an irreplaceable core competitiveness of MIEVIC.





9.   Hundreds of self-operated stores are strong

         It has hundreds of direct-operated stores, all of which are invested and operated by the company. It provides strong support for resource development, market stabilization and brand promotion. It is also the practical base for the company's store operation management experience, effectively ensuring that the company is always the most practical and feasible. The management experience provides effective guidance for the management of the supporting stores and franchise stores.