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MIEVIC can be derived from Nordic design concepts

It is a flagship brand of international fast fashion department store

integrating design, selection and retail.

Affiliated to the warm department store group with more than 30 years of retail experience

The store's products cover washing and beauty, digital devices, knitted jewelry, stylistic toys,

Electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, home decoration, luggage


Ten categories of shoes and hats, health care and physical therapy.

Exquisite and fresh store image

Super-customer's business atmosphere

Stylish, simple, value-for-money, beautiful product advantages

Quickly detonate the market at home and abroad

More than 1,000 stores worldwide

It has more than 300 cities in more than 20 countries and has a large

number of stable love lives.

Focus on quality, the pursuit of fashion core consumer groups

International fast fashion departm-ent store collection shop


Whole store output global alliance



The globalization of brand globalization is accelerating and

international influence is constantly improving

Miwei's overseas market is growing strongly


The MIEVIC brand chain has been deployed in dozens of countries around the world, and has established strategic partnerships with US/India/Canada/South Africa/Saudi Arabia/Mexico/Morocco/Malaysia/Kuwait and other national franchisees.

At the same time, under the impetus of Mickey International Business Unit, Hong Kong International Affiliation Center, Russia, South Africa and other overseas branches, international business in more than 30 countries including Russia/Indonesia/Philippines/Dubai/Czech is in the link.


It integrates transportation, packaging and warehousing. It is the basic guarantee for zero inventory and efficient turnover of goods. It includes international warehouses,

turnover warehouses, reserve warehouses, and e-commerce speed warehouses.

Nearly 50,000 square international logistics storage base

Sales and team size leading, comprehensive strength to take the lead;

30 years of industry precipitation, corporate strength



King camp, explosion collection

Excellent product development, design, update capabilities, super-strong category combination, more than 3,000 home + department store

explosions show good show


Cost and channel super control, no middlemen earned the difference, the

audience from 5 yuan, so that the price-performance ratio becomes a sword;

Supply chain cost-effective achievement


Suppliers, designers, affiliate partners, foreign consultants, business ideas, etc.

All are global vision and world standards;

International brands, enjoy global resources


The work is actually more effective, the customer first, the integrity-based values, so that the brand is trusted;

Pragmatic corporate culture


Each year, it builds and transports nearly 1,000 gold partners, operators and operations teams, and is known as the Whampoa Military Academy;

Industry-leading business school


Self-funded investment, high standard model shop, professional operation, achievement of franchisee training base, sharing experience so that you have no chance to make mistakes;

Hundreds of direct sales stores, professional operations


Advanced CRM, ERP import, sales, storage management system, accurate

big data insight into procurement and sales status, give you the most correct

decision-making guidance;

Smart big data system


Relying on the social communication of mobile Internet, Miwei is already a

brand of net red with millions of fans;

Net red gene, exclusive fan bonus

Ten brand, exclusive market opportunities


King camp, explosion collection


Good product to protect your money

MIEVIC pursues the design concept of “simple, fashionable, value-for-money and aesthetic”

Leading the world in product development and design

High value, high quality, high popularity, high cost performance, high turnover rate

Super strong to create 10 major categories, more than 3,000 home + department store life good combination

New 300-500 monthly

Give you a variety of surprises

Guaranteed repurchase rate and sales doubled

Senior designer free design store

image, full set of drawings for free;

free decoration guide.

Decoration support

VI, brand products, prices, systems, institutional processes, back-office management, planning and publicity, monitoring and inspection to achieve eight unification.

15 major cooperation support, let you easily join Kaiwang store

Brand suppor

Brand copyright and image are

free to use.

Chain support

Site Support

Senior consultant Free assistance site, to recommend Pu listings.

Product support

Explosive collection, new 200-300 models per month, free of charge for resale.

Display support

Professional displayers measure the

store service to ensure that the products display the effect and the promotion.

Price support

The national unified retail price, financial strict accounting cost control.

Logistics support

Nearly 50,000 international logistics

distribution and storage centers, timely delivery and professional services.

sales support

The senior combat team is supported by the store to help you refresh the sales


Monitoring support

Intelligent cloud supervision all-weather monitoring, 360-degree inspection,

comprehensive interactive assessment, help you patrol the store.

Operational support

Detailed instructions for the operation

manual, the senior operation team

went to the store to conduct actual

operations, and before and after the

opening of the business, the store was

operated in all directions.

Training support

The company's business school will

regularly provide professional sales

promotion, display, cashier, team

management, and product



Protection support

The franchisees enjoy the privilege of

regional protection. The same business district does not open a second store,

and enjoys the priority renewal right

under the same conditions.

System Support

ERP sales system, CRM electronic

member marketing system, nail OA

office system let you operate efficiently.

Advertising support

Millions of advertising campaigns each

year, the strength to seize the

industry C, franchisees enjoy the brand dividend.

Zero risk management, high return income


Franchise offer, policy support


Solve the business pain points, allowing you to shop worry-free

· Free exchange

· Original price recovery

· Free design shop, complete set of

  dra  wings, free decoration guide

· Business School Course Free Training

Investment to join the Blue Ocean, 100 billion Nuggets market


Single store daily sales of 100,000, a strong creation of wealth platform

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